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“Balcones de Piedad” Cave Houses

A unique environment

Why this piece of land?

There are many places in which we can enjoy through the Intrabética depression, or what is more, the region of Huéscar-Baza-Guadix, whose total length is about 140km long.

Despite of the fact that this landscape is the place in which humans are born, it is not just the wonderful views that it has,but its inhabitants, who grow with a different vision of life and have to be treated by their idiosyncrasy, cultivated during thousands of years in an isolated and poor region, but enormous by its gratitude.

The people from this region was grown in a complete isolation, which contributes to their behavior. This region is one of the lowest according to their rent of the whole continent inside the west of Europe, but poverty and isolation are not a direct synonym to ignorance. Farmers, shepherds, the people from this region are usually very wise, grown under the sun and hot of the country and several months of ice and low temperatures… but, speaking with them is another way of tourism, in this case, sociological.

Apart from the natural monuments, despite their beauty, they lack the people who have contributed to their history. Life would have been tougher without them.

2 km far to Balcones de Piedad, we can find el Puente de Hierro (The iron bridge), which is an old abandoned railway. This bridge is singular, due to it was designed by the best famous engineer Eiffel, the same who built the Eiffel Tower from Paris.

This bridge was the tallest one in Spain, crossing the ravine about 50 metres height from the ground.

Some time ago, there was a man who tried to cross the bridge while the train was in its course. This man was not sane at all, he might have been drunk. With the weight of the train and the intense movement, the man fell down the precipice and didn´t die at all luckily. God didn´t want another soul in his Heaven although he deserved the bump. From that precise moment, this man was known as El Divino (The divine man) because he was lucky enough to survive and narrate his story. This story is the one of a real man, born in Gor, a wonderful town.

His story didn´t end at all in that moment, maybe to his fortune or simply bad luck, this same man, El Divino, was crossing the highway of his town by an inadequate place, with so bad fortune that a car hit him. This time, with no God intervention, he died. Today, he rests in peace in the cemetery of his town. We will speak about the local people in other occasion.

Written by Los Balcones Thursday, 12 June 2014


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