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“Balcones de Piedad” Cave Houses

A unique environment

The north of Granada (Guadix, Baza, Huescar), welcome to the unknown

The north of Granada is unknown for many people, of extreme conditions, high and hard as its climate. We belong to one of the provinces with more mountains of Spain, here we prove it.

This land is composed partially by the extraordinary Infrabética depression, what is more, the region of Baza, Guadix and Huescar, a natural path used by humans with the passing of time, walking from the East to Andalusia. Everybody have gone through this location, a country in which people have fought due to its strategic situation and mineralogical value.

Our landscape is harvested under extreme conditions. One of the survivors of the climate is the almond tree, they grew stronger than any other tree, a hard nut to crack, stronger than olive tree.

The marvelous flowering of this tree takes part in a period that can be considered as magical. In three or four weeks we can see how these trees wake up from the deepest dream to a lovely wake up.

It is not a casualty that the almond tree is one of the most named fruit trees in our classic culture, considered as a saint in the Mediterranean region.
The almond tree is called SAQED in Hebrew, which means WATCHDOG, just for being the first tree which comes back to life after a long and cold winter. After a new birth, the flowers give the sensation of a hypnotic explosion. SAQUED is watching its tree brothers and taking care of them until they wake up. These moments of floral ecstasy are life inspiring.

The tree is a gift from Heaven, given to this poor region, but amazing and wonderful at the same time, like everything that remains isolated, far away.

It is told that Abderramán III from Córdoba married a slave coming from a place completely covered with snow, maybe Granada. Other people think that she came from the north of Europe. The story narrates that this woman could not stop suffering due to her sadness, she had everything, wealth, possessions, fortune… The situation made her Lord to worry about her melancholy.

By then, she said that in that place she might have everything she wished but she missed her homeland and watching the mountains covered with snow, like in her country.

To alleviate her suffering, Abderramán planted all the surrounding mountains of Medina Azahara with almond trees, whose beautiful white flowers resembled the snow of a mountain, not real, but simply beautiful. This land still maintains all its trees, whose flowering is magic, guarding them like a watchdog.

Written by Los Balcones Monday, 28 April 2014


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