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“Balcones de Piedad” Cave Houses

A unique environment

Los Balcones.Origins

The origins of this town, although it has always been there. A rural neighbourhood between two millenary cities, Baza and Guadix in the north of Granada. This region is not here just by destiny.

Since the origin of the first man, there have been people living here, almost ten thousand years ago when human started to have the necessity of burying their deceased relatives, incinerated or not. Today we find in the surroundings several burial mounds or dolmens, in a better or worse state of conservation, which are the result of their situation ofabandon.

Los balcones, as it is kwown nowadays, was called centuries years ago as Chirlata, due to the name of the path which crosses side by side of the neighbourhood. It was previously known as Xirlata in old Spanish, before the Spanish reconquest.

 It was in this place where several fights and conflicts occurred, due to the nobles of Baza, Guadix and still, the lords from Úbeda, whose properties were at the north, next to them.

They came to La Venta del Baul (which translated from Arab means dry land), but in Los Balcones, they found mojones (Long pieces of stone) which were used to delimit properties. These stones were removed according to their interest, which were the main cause of murderer and conflicts as it happens today. There has not been any progress in this type of conflicts.

The river by itself, which remains as 500 years ago, flows by the depth of the ravine. Los Balcones is put down roots to its ladder, in which you will find our caves. The river of Baul, in the bottom of the precipice, was also known as Chirlata

During the first half of the 16TH Century, there only were fights and conflicts in the surroundings of this land, later calm arrived, but they continued for several centuries. This dry land, filled with hard stones, extreme weather and hard conditions for its people have caused blood feud and too much hate without deserving it. Chirlata is the name, which stands for filled with stones. Butherewe are, thisisourland.

Written by Los Balcones Saturday, 24 May 2014


Balcones de Piedad, Zip Code. 18860
Los Balcones - Bácor.  Guadix (GRANADA)

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